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Questions and Answers

Q. What is FBCIM?
A. Facebook Chat IM (or FBCIM for short) is a free and open source desktop instant messenger (IM) for Facebook Chat, with it you can chat with all your Facebook friends directly from your Desktop without the need to be logged on to Facebook, so you can chat with your friends while surfing the Web, watching a movie or even when working!
Q. Why use FBCIM?
A. FBCIM is a dedicated messenger for Facebook it's simple and convenient to use and offers many great features such as emoticons for Facebook, status update notification, sound alerts, chat history and much more. With FBCIM you'll never miss a friend and you'll have more fun while talking to them.
Q. What operating system does FBCIM supports?
A. FBCIM currently supports all Windows operating systems (including Windows 98, SE, ME, server, XP, Vista, 7 and Metro) and we're working on a Mac / Linux version as well
Q. How much does FBCIM costs?
A. Absolutely nothing! FBCIM is free and open sourced and shall always remain so.
Q. How do I log in to Facebook?
A. When you download and open FBCIM for the first time, you will be asked to log in to Facebook and allow FCBIM to access your account. From then on, whenever you open FBCIM you will be automatically logged in, unless you logged out in which case you will need to log back in again.
Q. Does FBCIM supports group or video call?
A. Not yet. Right now you can chat and with individual friends but we're working on implementing both group and video calls into our next release.
Q. How do I send emoticons to a friend on Facebook?
A. Easy as pie, in the chat dialog click on the little smiley icon on the bottom left area, then a small popup will appear containing all the available facebook emoticons, then simply click on the emoticons you wish to send and presto!
Q. How do I configure FBCIM?
A. To configure FBCIM simply click on the Settings button that is located on the top right area of the main client window, the button itself looks like a small gear.
Q. How do I remove the game bar?
A. To remove the game bar simply open the Settings dialog and uncheck the 'Display the game bar' option.
Q. How do I use Facebook Chat at work / school (behind a Firewall)?
A. To bypass corporate Firewalls you'll need to configure FBCIM to use a proxy server, first open FBCIM and click on the Settings button, next select the 'Use Proxy server' check box in the Connections settings, after which you will need to input a Host (IP address) and Port of a valid Proxy (for example, Host:, Port: 80). To find a list of free proxies try to Google it
Q. How do I uninstall FBCIM?
A. Before uninstalling you first need close FBCIM by right-clicking the icon in your Windows taskbar (by the clock) and choosing Exit. Next, go to your computer Control Panel and select Uninstall a program, then click on 'Facebook Chat IM' and the uninstall wizard will take care of the rest.
Q. Got more questions?
A. For additional information you can visit our Forum and post your question there.